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Do you know if you are getting the most out of your online marketing strategies?

In today’s world having a website for your business is a necessity.  It’s no longer a choice on whether or not you should or are thinking of getting one, it’s a must.  Business owners create a website for their business for a variety of reasons.  The first purpose that a website provides is your businesses resume online.  Your website lets your potential customers know who you are, what you provide and where you deliver it to.  After the website is created and has the look and feel you like, you decide to market it so that it can attract new customers to your business.  Business owners will attempt a wide range of ways to accomplish getting results.  The top ways to market your website are: search engine optimization, blogging, pay per click ads, Facebook/social media ads, Youtube, email marketing and public relations.

I have met with hundreds of business owners that needed help and the most common theme they all shared is, “They didn’t understand the whole SEO thing and more importantly, they didn’t know what their website provided them in a case of results.”

The generic answer by most web companies is that they provide analytics to their clients. It’s kind of like they show their clients enough data just to prove it must be working.  Well here is my first advice to business owners, data can be made to look good or bad in most every scenario.  The only true measure that any business owner should look at is how many new customers did I get this month and at what cost was it at, period.  The smart business owner doesn’t focus on the cost of the service but rather the cost per lead that you got your new client at.

Can your website provider identify where your website leads are generated from?

With the technology available today, your online marketing should be able to tell you everything your website brings you and at what cost. The website should be able to tell the volume of unique visitors to the site and where they came from, meaning how did the customer wind up on your site.  Did the customer find you through a paid ad, social ad, an organic ranking, or did it come from a 3rd party site that linked over to your website.  All of this information is easily found if your website is set up properly.

An example of this would be… Let’s say that your online marketing program consists of Google paid ads, a Facebook ad campaign, SEO organic rankings and online business listings.  So, you can get leads in two ways:  one would be a phone call and the other would be a contact form filled out on your website.  Wouldn’t it be nice that at any time we can pull up your call activity and tell you exactly how many phone calls came in and from what source?  In addition, if you had a contact form filled out, we can also tell you where that consumer initially started from to get to your contact page.  Example:  They found you through your Facebook ad and they liked your ad enough to link over to your website.  While on your website they now were interested in contacting you and then went to your contact page.  Most business owners would be happy that they received the contact form submission.  However, the important part is being able to identify how that whole process got started.  By doing this, we can determine what ads or sources bring you the best value.


Tracking Phone Numbers Offer Huge Benefits to your Online Marketing Strategies

Now for the biggest piece, tracking phone numbers should be put into all forms of online marketing. This is done to identify what is working best and what is not.  Tracking phone numbers should be used for more than just a tool of seeing how many people called from your website.  Have you ever heard the term that all phone calls are not equal?  Well they are not. As a business owner would you rather get more calls for the type of jobs you want or jobs that are often not what you really want?  Worse yet, what about calls for services you don’t even provide?  Being able to listen to your phone calls is essential.  Listening to the phone calls does a lot of good!  First, listening to calls allows you to see how your staff is doing with the intake of calls.  Are they being professional and asking or saying the right thing?  This is not a babysitting tool, but a learning tool to make them better.  Secondly, listening to calls allows us to see who’s calling you and are they the type of customers you are looking to attract.  This is the biggest part to become more successful.


Who to Call

When looking for a web provider to help your business, it’s a must that they can offer all of the tracking tools necessary to provide you with a true look at how your program is doing.  I always ask clients, “What would you pay for a good lead?”  Now with this question, I am not asking how much you want to pay for a lead, but rather, “What are you willing to pay to get that right customer into your place of business?”  Once that is understood the online marketing should be built to produce enough leads at that cost per lead.  There should be no grey area here.

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