Key Features for Effective Website Design

So, you’ve decided to join the big leagues and begin your online presence with a website.  Having a website is important for all businesses whether big or small.  However, did you know that the design of your website can affect whether your online marketing strategies will work or not?

Having a website for your company isn’t about all the bells and whistles like many business owners become infatuated with.  Having a website isn’t like a beauty pageant where the prettiest website will get ranked first organically.  There is much more involved when it comes to website design and gaining top positions on the search engine results pages (SERP).

effective website design

Is your website’s design bringing your business leads?

Top 5 Important Factors for Successful Website Design

  1. Content – Providing quality content is key, especially if search engine optimization is part of your online marketing strategy. People use search engines to find information.  Whatever type of business you have, your content should be informative and be pertinent to your business.  Keep your content clear and concise, don’t overwhelm visitors with too much information.
  2. User Friendly – User friendliness is very important for all websites. Keep your navigation bar and the overall design of your website clean and simple.  Make it easy for consumers to get to what they are searching for.  Websites that are too busy make it difficult for consumers to find what they are looking for which is a main reason why people leave websites.
  3. Search Engine Friendly – Well-built websites with quality content will receive lots of unique visitors. When you put this together with a clean simple design with easy navigation, users will stay engaged, lowering bounce rate and helping your SEO efforts to help your business improve in ranking.
  4. Site Speed – Site speed has a big impact on both user friendliness and search engine optimization.  When people use search engines to find answers, they typically want to find things as quickly as possible.  If your website takes a long time to load, users are more likely to leave your site before it fully renders.
  5. Mobile Friendly – Mobile friendly websites have become more important in today’s day and age. According to Google over 50 percent of global search queries come from mobile devices.

Importance of Online Presence

Building a website is the first step in the right direction for beginning your online presence, however there is much more involved to be successful online than just having a website.  Investing in your business is an important part to the success of your company, and this investment should start with your website.  With over 3.5 billion searches a day and 1.2 trillion searches a year worldwide, having a solid online presence is imperative.  With this in mind, you are now left with 2 choices:  build your own website or have a friend do it, or hire a professional online marketing company to build you a website correctly and handle all your online marketing strategies.  The success for all your online marketing strategies such as SEO and SEM starts with a solid foundation, your website.  Anyone can build a nice-looking website, but if the foundation isn’t built correctly your website will do nothing for you except look pretty.

Who to Call

Creative Web Builders has a team of professional web designers who are not only knowledgeable and creative when it comes to web design, but our web designers are also experts in search engine optimization and online marketing.   We can build your company a solid foundation with your website and handle all your search engine optimization and search engine marketing needs.  Our company controls all departments involved in online marketing in-house which make us unique compared to the big box companies.  Don’t trust an online marketing company that wants to sell you a “pretty picture.”  It’s what is underneath that picture that counts.  Call Creative Web Builders today and let us build your online presence the right way, for the future of your company.